Retrospective Techniques LTD

Two-way radios are an invaluable tool to many industries.

Most people assume “security” when thinking about “Walkie Talkies” mainly due to what they see in dramas on television!
Others may see the security staff use them at their place of work and many of us have seen door staff at pubs and clubs use them.
We supply to all those industries mentioned above.
Here at RTL, we use them to communicate with our team members when working at larger clients’ sites, particularly when troubleshooting/testing equipment spread across that site.
Most invaluably, we use them when operating equipment such as “Cherry Pickers” where the operator issues instruction to the banksmen and the banksmen advise of obstructions.
We offer a range of accessories such as headphones with boom mic. and basic earpiece and mic. or combined lapel mic/speaker etc.

For factory solutions we recommend using a repeater with high gain antennas which effectively increase coverage.
All our radios are licensed which means a license is required to use them in the UK. As an Ofcom authorised reseller, we can organise all your licensing for you. Typically, for a factory solution the license would be £75/year.
We carry stock of radios and repeaters.